Are Angels Our Superiors?

Some people think Angels are our superiors, but if you think about it for a moment you’ll realize that they’re not. They are our spiritual counterparts, our helpers. We must remember that and not put them on a pedestal which means they are apart from us . . .

If we think of them as our friends, our counterparts — which they are — we feel closer to them. If we feel closer to our Angels, then we talk to them more and can accept their presence in our lives.

Which are you more willing to listen to? Friends or someone up on a pedestal?

Some people think of the Angels as royalty, as someone grand “over there”, someone outside of our realm.

Can we smile at our misconceptions and get on with our lives, living ‘with’ the Angels? There is no good or bad, there is only one God of which we are a part. All achieving different things, all a part of this great planet.

The Angels and God are not a monarchy as some perceive them. The Angels take on a family type roll with us as they love us and want us to do everything we want that is good. They don’t sit back and say “You can’t do this, can’t do that, do this, do that.” They are there to guide us the minute we are ready for them to do so. Guide, not command. Guide, not judge when things don’t go right.

We have free will. We are like a little baby taking baby steps. When we are ready to take bigger and bigger steps, the Angels are there to help us more and more.

The Angels are not a part of a monarchy, they are loving friends. Think of them in this way and see if it is easier to approach them. Because, if we don’t think of them as loving friends, we put the gap between us and our Angels.

If you haven’t been, start thinking of them as loving friends. Start talking to them as loving friends. Start watching for the beautiful ways they answer you as loving friends. If you have any doubts, put your doubts in a mental basket (mentally visualize putting them in a basket), and watch that basket go up into the sky way far away, taking your doubts with them.

You say “It’s not that easy”?

Try it. If it doesn’t work the first time, try it again. Continue until it works. With each effort a weight will be lifted somewhere in your life. Rejoice. And relax, we are not after perfection, we are after love. The more we talk with the Angels, the more love we feel in our hearts. The more love we feel in our hearts, the more love we feel in our lives.

Thanks for reading.

Jan Tincher

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