The Angel Garden

I truly feel I have been touched by an Angel many times in my life. Below is one way my Guardian Angel, as well as other Heavenly Angels, have entered my life and my thoughts . . .

I was walking along in my mind the other day, and the path seemed to veer to the left. It continued veering to the left as I went, until nothing seemed familiar anymore. The grass was greener, the trees fuller, the flowers more lovely than any I’d ever seen. I realized the sun was shining brighter, the wind was more mellow, the grass springier. My mind became more aware of the beauty around me and the air seemed more rarefied.

There was a slight haze, but even with that haze I could see clearly. Do you know what I mean? My mind seemed sharper.

Suddenly, there were Angels. Angels like I’d never seen before. None were ugly, nor less brilliant than the others. None were dull, nor less sharp than the others. None were too loud, nor less quiet than the others. Still, I knew if asked, I would be able to show you my favorites.

I was drawn to the ones that were more like me. Maybe not in looks, but in feeling. Yet, maybe it was more like what I want to be like.

I embraced the love I saw shining in their eyes. The joy. The contentment. I felt as though some have been with me forever.

Every question I wanted answered was answered. The answers were clearer than any I’d ever had before, though I didn’t actually hear a word. I kept walking, and as I walked they followed.

The closeness that I had felt with them, stayed with me, keeping my heart all snug and warm for the longest time.

I call that place where I was The Angel Garden. I go there regularly now. Each time, I start off walking, and the minute the path veers to the left, I feel the peace.

Maybe you too can walk through The Angel Garden and find peace. Just start walking, then veer to the left.

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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