Angels See Us For What We Are

Angels see us for what we are, and we are love. . .

Many don’t believe it though, because they feel unworthy.

When we look at ourselves, we see what we feel is wrong with us.

If we’ve been told all our lives that we are ugly, that is what we probably see. If we’ve been told all our lives that we are stupid, that’s what we probably think. If we’ve been told all our lives that we are unworthy of God’s love, then that’s probably what we think.

Isn’t it fortunate that the Angels don’t see or think that, though? They only see or think love. And that’s what they want to share with us. Love.

Think about the first time when you went to a place where no one knew you. You had hope that someone would like you. They didn’t know if you were rich or poor, healthy or sick, smart or stupid. They usually accept you as you are until you show them *what you THINK you are.*

Well, guess what? Angels only see the good, no matter what you *show* them. Angels know we are all God’s children and they see us for what we are deep inside. They LOVE what they see.

That being the case, when we are ornery, mean, dispirited, do you think they run away and hide? No. They have no reason to, they don’t see anything but love.

Why? Because Angels are spiritual.

What exactly is our Spirit? Our Spirit is our Higher Source, our God within.

So, whenever you are having trouble with something, remember that the Angels are not here to judge. They are unable to judge, they are unable to be vindictive, they are unable to punish. They are full of love, and they withhold none of it from you.

Hold out your arms, accept their love. The more you accept their love, the more love they give. Do you know what happens when you are full of love? You send out love. What goes around, comes around. Why don’t you open your arms and your heart right now? Let your Angels fill you with love. ^j^

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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