Angels And Money

I truly feel I have been touched by an Angel many times in my life. Below is one way my Guardian Angel, as well as other Heavenly Angels, have entered my life and my thoughts. . .

Consider your worth as a Child of God. What is your value?

God and the Angels believe your value is so great, that it is impossible to place a price tag on you. Value your creative gifts as God and the Angels value you.

How you decide to express yourself affects the vibration or quality of energy you are exchanging with others.

Jealousy, greed, laziness, self-doubt, and feeling unworthy can affect the quality of your service, your talent, and the energy you are exchanging with others. Make a concerted effort to be happy. Release jealousy, greed, laziness, self-doubt, feeling unworthy, and any other negative emotion you’ve been harboring. This makes room for happiness, joy, love, and all good things. Consider it housecleaning. You clean your house, why not make sure your temple — your mind and body — is clean so you can reap God’s rewards?

If the vibrations of love, empowerment, and grace enter in your work, the money received will multiply for the giver and receiver.

To attract money we need to face our fears of lack of money, and allow ourselves to experience the generosity of the universe. If we don’t face our fear, we are allowing it to grow. The stronger our fear, the more resistance we have to receiving money.

What we focus on, grows. Are we focusing on our fear, or how *good* it feels to receive good from the universe? Focusing on how *good* it feels to receive, even if we haven’t received it yet, attracts good. Focusing on how *bad* it feels to go without attracts, guess what, bad.

When you KNOW you are made of God’s love, your wealth comes in a continuous flow. You will always have enough and more than enough. You will have all the Angels and God have to offer. You must let go of your Ego — for it is your Ego that is most afraid of losing — and operate from your spirit. All good things, money included, come when you are happy. When you are happy, you are attracting good fortune. When you are not happy, you are attracting the opposite.

When you are unhappy, stand or sit up straight, straighten your shoulders, and smile to attract God’s blessings. Just this small act signals that you are open to receiving them. God will see this. He is always there for you. ^j^

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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