Angel Invocation

Do you experience difficulty when you try to contact your Angel? If so, maybe this will help. . .

As with a lot of invocations, this is like a chant. It uses sounds to align with the Angels.

Please sit down and relax when you do this and encourage your heart to open to your Angels responses.

There are only four words altogether. (Each word is chanted with the same sound. Try for C-sharp, but use whatever feels right for you.) Repeat as many times as needed.

Close your eyes and get comfortable. Be prepared to get to know your Angels.

Open your mouth and allow these words to flow.

Eee Nu Rah
Eee Nu Rah
Eee Nu Rah

Would you like to know the meaning of the words?

Eee means *all that I am that is not physical, my mind and my emotions.*

Nu means *my physical body.*

Rah means *my soul.*

Zay means *in the company of angels.*

Together, *I bring all of myself, mind, emotions, body and soul, together in the company of Angels.*

Are you ready to give it a ‘chants’?

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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