Angel Annie On Success!

As some of you may know from previous writings, my Guardian Angel’s name is Angel Annie. I thought you might like to listen in on one of our conversations. As happens many times, our conversations occur with me at the keyboard . . .


Jan: Angel Annie, do you have advice for succeeding?

Angel Annie: Yes, Jan. My best advice for succeeding is to “Succeed With Love”.

Jan: “Succeed With Love”. I like that, Annie. How do you go about that?

Angel Annie: It is simple. If you try to “beat* someone, you aren’t succeeding with love. Your chances of winning are lessened. If you try to do, and be, the best you can, your chances of winning are heightened. It really is that simple. When you are doing and being the best you can, you are, in effect, loving and honoring yourself and your abilities

Jan: So, Angel Annie, you are saying that if I’m “competing,” or setting myself up to compete with someone, I don’t have as good a chance of winning. That when I focus on beating someone, I’m not focusing on being the best I can.

Angel Annie: Right.

Jan: And if I set myself up to compete with only myself, I have an excellent chance of winning.

Angel Annie: Right, again.

Jan: Ah. I see. And with God there are no losers.

Angel Annie: Right! With God there are no losers. When you compete with yourself, you are focusing on you being the best you can be.

Jan: So, success is really just knowing you are doing YOUR best. There is no competition, there is only feeling God’s love, knowing you are doing, being, the best you can do, be.

Angel Annie: Yes, as soon as you change the meaning success has for you, it will come easier to you. Especially when you stop competing and start creating the best world you can.

Jan: You’ve shed a whole new light on competition. We always feel good when we win, and when we compete with ourselves, we always win.

Angel Annie: You are right. Much success to you all.

Jan: You have indeed touched our hearts today, Angel Annie. Thank you. ^j^


KNOW that you are never alone. Call on your Angel today. Right now. Open your heart and feel her love. ^j^

Thanks for reading,

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