Angel Annie About Angels

As some of you may know from previous writings, my Guardian
Angel’s name is Angel Annie. I thought you might like to listen in on one of our conversations. As happens many times, our conversations occur with me at the keyboard, and the answers just flow . . .


Angel Annie: What do your think your readers would want to know, Jan?

Jan: That’s easy, Angel Annie. The ones who know about Angels would like to know MORE about Angels, and the ones who have a hard time believing in what they can’t see would like to KNOW you are real.

Angel Annie: We’re real, but we’re real in a sense that some don’t understand.

Jan: OK. Let’s zero in on those that don’t understand. How could they begin to understand?

Angel Annie: A good way would be to stand or sit silently and just observe what is going on around you. If your heart is open, you will become more aware of Angel movements. You may smell a sweet scent, see a brighter color, hear a beautiful melody or just hear music more clearly.

Jan: What if they don’t know how to open their hearts?

Angel Annie: You know what the Bible says – “Ask and ye shall receive.”

Jan: Isn’t it hard to ask when they are full of doubt?

Angel Annie: Yes, for some.

Jan: How can you make it easier for them?

Angel Annie: Have them touch their fist softly to their heart. At that contact, God will enter into their heart and they will feel His love. When they feel His love, their doubt fades in God’s glory.

Jan: Ah . . I’m feeling it now. The moment I put my fist softly to my heart, I felt a definite point of contact, then slowly the warmth filled my heart.

Angel Annie: I’m here with you and you are ready for it. Some may not be right away. They need to know that and not give up. I would suggest they make a special effort several times a day, knowing this is how God and His Angels will communicate with them. When they feel that first point of contact, the joy is almost indescribable.

Jan: Once they feel that joy in their heart, is that the first step toward erasing the doubt?

Angel Annie: Definitely. And not only that, but once the doubt is removed, their “Angel” eyes will open and they will know we are real.


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