A Conversation With Angel Annie About Sex


As some of you may know from previous writings, my Guardian Angel’s name is Angel Annie. I thought you might like to listen in on one of our conversations. As happens many times, our conversations occur with me at the keyboard . . .

Jan: Hi Angel Annie, what would you like to talk about today?

Angel Annie: Sex.

Jan: Angel Annie . . .

Angel Annie: I know what you’re thinking. Lots of people don’t like to talk about sex.

Jan: Right.

Angel Annie: With most, it’s the way you were brought up. Sex was usually whispered about. The act itself was rarely, if ever, talked about while you were growing up.

Jan: Right, again.

Angel Annie: Which is really too bad, because the act of sex, when done in love, is one of the highest forms of loving.

Jan: Ah.

Angel Annie: During making love — as in life — when your main focus is pleasuring someone else instead of yourself, you are giving of yourself. You reap the rewards.

Many people don’t realize that, and their lovemaking is not loving. They are after one thing, pleasuring themselves. They haven’t learned that when you pleasure someone else first, it ultimately comes back to you — even better.

Jan: If their lovemaking isn’t loving, how can this change for them?

Angel Annie: By making it a point to love themselves and others — on purpose and continually. Once loving becomes a habit, it becomes natural to love.

When we love, we send out love energy. That energy affects everything. If we don’t send it out while we are making love, we are not “making love”. Your partner will feel the difference.

Jan: Ah.

Angel Annie: If you feel that you are a loving person, but you don’t make love in a loving manner, maybe you need to rethink what “love” means to you.

In your love making, do you expect the other person to do everything, or to reciprocate your actions exactly? Loving is giving. Period. Give without expecting anything in return. Make it a point to always start out making love by “being in love.”
When you do that, your love making will improve for both of you.

Jan: Thank you, Angel Annie. I’m sure this will help many people “love” even better. ^j^

Know that you are never alone.
Call on your Angel today. Right now.
Open your heart and feel her love. ^j^

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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