A Conversation With Angel Annie About Parenthood

As some of you may know from previous writings, my Guardian Angel’s name is Angel Annie. I thought you might like to listen in on one of our conversations. As happens many times, our conversations occur with me at the keyboard . . .

Jan: Hi Angel Annie. What would you like to share with my readers today? . . .

Angel Annie: I would like to talk about parenthood.

Jan: Great, Annie! I’m a parent myself and a grandparent, as you know. There are times when we need to be reminded that there is a solution to EVERY problem a parent encounters, a spiritual solution. That no matter how tough it seems, we can always turn to God for the answer.

Angel Annie: Right. Parenthood is especially hard when children rebel. Parents who know that the Lord loves them both unconditionally, wonder how He can when THEY have a hard time liking a recalcitrant child all the time, much less loving them unconditionally.

Jan: I know, Annie. That’s a real concern for those who are working on having a close connection with God, but judge their actions as a parent as a reflection of God’s love for them. Sometimes, that really hurts when we feel unworthy as parents AND unworthy of God’s love.

Angel Annie: It’s human nature for parents to have a hard time keeping their spiritual connection when a child’s actions put the whole family in an uproar. They need that spiritual connection and that’s where we Angels come in. We’re the connection to God’s love, in fact, we are God’s love in action.

Jan: I’m sure you know, I went through those experiences from both sides of the situation, as a child AND as an adult.

Angel Annie: Yes, Jan. There are many people like that.

Jan: My heart goes out to those people. What advice can you give them?

Angel Annie: Repeatedly realize that there is a spiritual solution to every problem, to EVERY problem. Feel the Angels’ love pouring down on you, and look to God, nowhere else, for your answers. Know that your answers will come.

Jan: What if they are too distraught?

Angel Annie: That’s what friends are for. Intermediary love. Be there for them. Be Angels to them. Keep telling them success stories and give them help. Your Angels will guide you and give you the right words. We understand that not everyone is ready to acknowledge us. In cases like that, those people who can’t accept help from us may be able to accept help from their friends. The love that is bestowed on your friends will be the healer, regardless if it comes directly from you or from us.

Jan: Thank you, Angel Annie. Parenthood can be much easier — when we keep our eyes on God. ^j^

Know that you are never alone.
Call on your Angel today. Right now.
Open your heart and feel her love. ^j^

Thanks for reading,

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