A Conversation With Angel Annie On Forgiveness

A Conversation With
Angel Annie On Forgiveness

As some of you may know from previous writings, my Guardian Angel’s name is Angel Annie. I thought you might like to listen in on one of our conversations. As happens many times, our conversations occur with me at the keyboard . . .

Jan: What would you like to talk about today, Angel Annie? . . .

Angel Annie: I would like to talk about forgiveness. Sometimes when people get really upset, they can’t forgive the person or situation with whom they are upset. I’d like to show them how they can change that.

Jan: Great. I know I have a hard time with it myself sometimes.

Angel Annie: It hurts that you can’t forgive on your own, doesn’t it?

Jan: Yes, Angel Annie. Especially when I feel it separates me from you. I am disappointed in myself when I can’t forgive, but I can’t seem to help myself. So then I really feel miserable.

Angel Annie: Yes, especially when you know that it would be best all the way around if you felt love — not anger, frustration, resentment, hatred or any other negative emotion.

Jan: I find it hard, knowing that I am very close to you yet I am unable to stop my very human feelings that you mentioned above from surfacing — sometimes regularly.

Angel Annie: Yes, the feelings that crop up come in the form of thoughts like, “I don’t have to put up with this.” Or “I hate it when they do that.” Or “Why did they do that to me?” But when you say or think that, it only adds to the pain.

Jan: I know, but what can I do about it?

Angel Annie: Well, if you’re ready right now, you can sit in a chair, preferably one that is rarely used. You may want to call it your Forgiveness chair, so you’ll know it’s there whenever you need it. Put your hands out as though you were holding that person’s hands. Feel the Angel Arc of Love as it goes from your heart to theirs, and say “I forgive ______” and fill in the blank with the person or the situation to whom you need to send forgiveness. (This also works if you are angry at yourself. Your name would then be in the blank.) You will feel very relaxed when you are done, and your anger dissolve. However, if it doesn’t work that way for some of your readers, here are some additional things to do:

1. Concentrate on filling your heart with even more love before sending it through the Angel Arc of Love.

2. If you look at the person or situation and you still feel the anger, superimpose the picture of someone you dearly love, your child or grandchild as a baby, or as they are now, on that person’s face and feel your anger dissolve.

3. Send your love to your Connecting Angel who is at the top of the Angel Arc of Love, and they will add their love and send it on to the person or situation.

Your Angels love you and will do everything they can to help you find your harmony. Trust us.

Jan: Thank you, Angel Annie. I am so happy we take this time together, and I am so happy our readers are learning from you. ^j^

Know that you are never alone.
Call on your Angel today. Right now.
Open your heart and feel her love. ^j^

Thanks for reading,

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