A Conversation With Angel Annie On Death

AngelA Conversation With
Angel Annie
On Death

To all of you who feel differently about death and dying, the Angels don’t ask that you change your feelings. They just ask that you read with an open mind — and just maybe think about looking to the “chair on the left”. . .


Jan: Hi Angel Annie, what would you like to talk about today?

Angel Annie: Well, Jan, I think today is a good day to talk about death.

Jan: OK. I would like to know how the Angels view death.

Angel Annie: Death is a natural part of life. Everything is either dying or being born.

Jan: I know that consciously, Angel Annie, but it doesn’t stop me from crying and feeling bad when someone passes over.

Angel Annie: Crying and feeling bad are normal responses to death, as most people know it. Others realize that death doesn’t necessarily mean your loved ones are taken away from you.

Jan: No?

Angel Annie: No. Think of it this way. Your loved one is sitting on a chair to your right. When he or she passes over, leaves his or her body, they are sitting on the chair to your left, so to speak.

Jan: I don’t understand.

Angel Annie: Visualize when the loved one passes over. One minute they are in their body, the next they aren’t. But that doesn’t mean that they are gone. They are just no longer living in their body as you know it.

Jan: OK.

Angel Annie: They are still there, but you just can’t see them. They have, in effect, moved to the chair on your left — and you are looking at the chair on your right. That being the case, they are gone — just not where you think. As time goes on and you are more flexible in your thinking, you may be able to see them and even talk to them, but they aren’t here in the sense that you are used to.

Jan: So, they are always with us?

Angel Annie: Right. They are always with you and watching over you. Never doubt it. It’s like they walked behind a curtain and you can’t see them. Until you lift the curtain.

Jan: Lift the curtain?

Angel Annie: Lift the curtain from your eyes, so to speak — accept that they are there, still with you, watching over you. The more that you accept that they are there, the less you will feel the fear, anger, lack, that you might have felt when they passed over.

One very interesting way to look at it is that they’ve gone on vacation. They can still communicate with you, but they aren’t there as they were. Their vacation — their separation from you gets over when you pass over too.

Jan: What if you were mad at them when they passed over? Or they were mad at you?

Angel Annie: You may still be mad at them, because you are human, but they aren’t mad at you. They have higher goals now. They are no longer worried about the things people think about — money, anger, security, fear, etc. They know that those things are not what life is all about. What life is about — love, happiness, joy — is what they are trying to achieve for their soul now and what they would like to see you achieve here on earth.

Jan: You’re right, Angel Annie, that is an interesting way to look at it.

Angel Annie: Once you realize that they are still here for you, that you just need to know where to look for them, it takes the mystery of death away.

Jan: Thank you, Angel Annie. Death doesn’t seem so threatening now. Especially if I know my loved ones are still here with me. That’s a very comforting thought. ^j^

Know that you are never alone.
Call on your Angel today. Right now.
Open your heart and feel her love. ^j^

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher

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