Angels Are With Us!

Angels are with us! Meet your Angels right here, right now.

Jan TincherAngel Help - Angel Detox Center. Here is another video. It will help with bad, or just plain negative, habits. That’s why it’s called “The Angel Detox Center”. Just click on the link below. I hope you like it. If you do, please share it with others? Thanks.

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Jan TincherAt Last! Here it is!
Here is the Angel Garden audio/video!

The”Angel Garden” article is below. I hope you like it.

I had an audio for the article, “The Angel Garden” on my website, and I received many good responses as you can see in Testimonials. As soon as I figure out how to add audio to this blog, I’ll put it here also. I hope you like it.

Plus, I am looking into making an Angels Are With Us Coaching Program. I am still working out all the details. If you are interested, please let me know what exactly you would be interested in seeing. One thing I will be putting in the membership site is audios for all my many articles. Plus new tips and techniques for contacting your Angels. I really appreciate it when my readers comment, so please feel free to click the title and it will take you to a page where you can add a comment. I always respond quickly!


I truly feel I have been touched by an Angel many times in my life. Below is one way my Guardian Angel, as well as other Heavenly Angels, have entered my life and my thoughts . . .

I was walking along in my mind the other day, and the path seemed to veer to the left. It continued veering to the left as I went, until nothing seemed familiar anymore. The grass was greener, the trees fuller, the flowers more lovely than any I’d ever seen. I realized the sun was shining brighter, the wind was more mellow, the grass springier. My mind became more aware of the beauty around me and the air seemed more rarefied.

There was a slight haze, but even with that haze I could see clearly. Do you know what I mean? My mind seemed sharper.

Suddenly, there were Angels. Angels like I’d never seen before. None were ugly, nor less brilliant than the others. None were dull, nor less sharp than the others. None were too loud, nor less quiet than the others. Still, I knew if asked, I would be able to show you my favorites.

I was drawn to the ones that were more like me. Maybe not in looks, but in feeling. Yet, maybe it was more like what I want to be like.

I embraced the love I saw shining in their eyes. The joy. The contentment. I felt as though some have been with me forever.

Every question I wanted answered was answered. The answers were clearer than any I’d ever had before, though I didn’t actually hear a word. I kept walking, and as I walked they followed.

The closeness that I had felt with them, stayed with me, keeping my heart all snug and warm for the longest time.

I call that place where I was The Angel Garden. I go there regularly now. Each time, I start off walking, and the minute the path veers to the left, I feel the peace.

Maybe you too can walk through The Angel Garden and find peace. Just start walking, then veer to the left.

Thanks for reading. 

Hm.  Do people become Angels after they die? 

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your response.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you mine.  My response is a question.  Do Angels start out as humans? 

I don’t think so.  So following that train of thought, I think the answer is no.  Angels are not glorified human beings, they are God’s Angels. 

It is, however, a wonderful thing to say to children when someone they love dies.  That their loved one is now an Angel.  It gives them hope that they have their own personal Angel.  And, really, we all have a touch of the Angels in us, so it’s not a big stretch for them to believe that.

But when you look at the situation realisticly, there is a difference.  And there will always be a difference.

What do you think?

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Many people have so many questions that they don’t feel comfortable talking about Angels, let alone to them.  If that is you, this book will answer those questions and put you on your way to feeling comfortable with the Angels and, yes, talking with and about them.

Go ahead.  Stir up the waters of your life.  Get to know your Angels in a way you’ve only dreamed about.  I know you’ll feel a whole lot better and more confident once you’ve read “16 Top Angel Questions”.

“16 Top Angel Questions”

These are the chapters of my book “16 Top Angel Questions”. It is offered for sale by Amazon in the right column of this blog. It is truly amazing what the Angels can do. And, yes, these questions are all answered in “16 Top Angel Questions”.  :)

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Do Angels Cry?

How Can I Meet My Guardian Angel?

Can Only Special People Talk to Angels?

Do Angels Come In Different Lights?

What Does Angel Annie Have To Say About Angels?

Do Angels See Us As Bad?

Are Angels Superior To Us?

What Does Celestial Music Sound Like?

How Can I Know There Are Angels?

Do Angels Leave Heartprints?

How Do I Know When I Have Experienced An Angel?

How Can I Have An Angelic Vision?

How Do I Dream An Angel Dream?

Does My Angel Talk to Me?

Do My Joy Angels Expect Me To Be Joyful All The Time?

Yes, they can.  If you are too low on healing energy, forgiveness is a great way to increase your energy level . . .

Forgiveness. That’s right. I can see the frown forming on your face, but stick with me here.  Ask for forgiveness and ask your Angels to help.

Here’s what you can do:

Sit in a chair and relax. Think of all the bad things in the situation and mentally put them in front of you and over to the right.

Think of all the good things of the situation, (and sometimes the only good thing you can think of is that once you forgive the person or situation, you can put it behind you and get on with your life) and put it or them in front of you over to the left.

Now, see your connecting Angel up above and between the two mental pictures. Send your love and forgiveness to your Connecting Angel and feel the flow of love as it leaves you and goes to your Connecting Angel. See the flow of love leaving your Connecting Angel and going to the good and the bad sides, showering them with love. Watch as the good and bad sides slide together to make a beautiful picture. Watch all that love flow from the situation back to your Connecting Angel, from your Connecting Angel to you, from you to your Connecting Angel, from your Connecting Angel to the situation, from the situation to your. . . Well, you get the picture. Love is never static. Love flows continually. You may find that you have had an empty space in your heart that this situation caused. Now, this situation is healing and the empty space is filling up with love.

Now, you have the energy to heal.

Please keep this knowledge with you. Whenever you feel you are coming down with a cold, feel a sore spot here, a nagging pain there, or whatever is out of the ordinary for you, sit down immediately and contact your Connecting Angel. If you don’t know who or what you are unable to forgive, go through the forgiving motions and let your Connecting Angel do her thing. Feel the peace as the healing energy and forgiveness flows through you.

Welcome to “Angels Are With Us!”  My name is Jan Tincher and I love writing about … Angels!  I have written about them for over ten years and I am especially fond of my Guardian Angel, Angel Annie.  She is smiling down at everyone who is reading my blog, and she is blessing YOU particularly.  She will be very happy to guide and be with you on your quest, so feel free to ask any questions.

There are some that are drawn to the Angels because they have lost sight of God — therefore, God reaches out to His people through His Angels.  In my writings, for those of you who can, please read God into everything the Angels do. For those of you who can’t, please feel the love and forgiveness the Angels provide us from God. It’s not a coincidence that your Angel Guide led you here. Know that your Angels are here to help you and that they have been sent by God. 

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